Classical meditation

In this meditation session, you will be introduced to a variety of meditation techniques.
We will practice visualization techniques as well as pranayama breathing techniques to prepare body and mind for deep meditation practice and yoga nidra, the deep yogic relaxation
For practicioners of all levels and for pregnancy.

Singing bowls meditation

Everything in nature vibrates. Meditation with sounds based on resonance, penetration and vibration. A sound trip directly leads us into deep relaxation, mental tranquility, release, restoring the purity of mind and regaining of wellness and joy. With the rhythmic vibrations of sounds we can achieve fast change of situation awareness, emotional rejuvenation and centering of thoughts while direct energy flow throughout the body.
For practicioners of all levels and for pregnancy.

Om Chanting meditation

OM Chanting is a free group practice that uses the transformational power of OM to activate the self-healing potential of participants. The practice transforms negativity into positive energy, helps purify the local environment, and supports the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of participants.

Love is meant to be shared. OM Chanting brings people together to share the positive vibrations of OM and their love for Mother Earth in local communities and nations around the world. In this way, regular OM Chanting circles and monthly Full Moon circles are a priceless gift for humanity.

What makes it unique?
The practice works because of a unique combination of seating, continuous chanting of OM and the presence of an OM Chanting Organiser who carries the blessing of Paramahamsa Vishwananda. The Master’s blessing is what permits the full transformation of negativity into positive energy.

Vibration of Om
OM is the universal sound of creation; it is the highest and purest vibration that exists. Rishis of old perfected OM Chanting and used it for healing. Forgotten over time, this ancient group technique has been reintroduced by Paramahamsa Vishwananda to support Mother Earth and mankind in this time of need.
For practicioners of all levels and for pregnancy.