Kids yoga

Please, get informed from our secretary about the Om Chanting Meditation group that takes place at the same time with the kids yoga group

Little Yogis 4-6 years old

Do you have children that are 4 to 6 years old?
Do they like to move all the time, playing games and listen to stories?

If so, come and let them join us  to practice yoga together and to discover all the magical things we can do with our body, like for example roar like a lion, shhh like a snake, be strong like a mountain and shine like a star.
Through yoga practice, children learn how to control, energize, balance and relax their body. Meanwhile they use their imagination and discover new ways to express themselves.
By using fun games, role playing and mainly our spontaneity and imagination, kids yoga class becomes a unique experience!

Big little yogis 6-12 years

The philosophy of yoga is known for thousands of years. In yoga, the goal when we exercise is to  free our body, emotions and mind from tensions.

The children exercise joyfully in yoga, because it’s in their nature to discover new ways of expression through their body. Even in the infant age of 3 years old they can do yoga. It plays an important role in the correct development of children, while it can help specially children who face learning problems, sleep and speech disturbances or have to face asthma and headaques.

Particularly Hatha yoga, which derives from the observation of nature, plants and animals, one can easily find names that excite our fantasy, such as lion, mountain, tree, turtle, sun…So the week child for ex. identifies his/herself to that and feels strong like a lion, the insecure child to a big mountain and the one that faces learning problems gains self-esteem through experiences.

Yoga for children is:

  • A game
  • Magical supplies to gain strength in mind and body
  • Conscious body postures-asanas
  • Ability to transform in whatever they like
  • Joy and vitality
  • Imaginary trips- Meditation
  • Painting for little artists
  • Authentic dance
  • Theatrical games
  • Specific tales
  • Laugh with their hearts

People all these years named these as yoga for children. It’s mostly an imaginary game and exercise coming from the observation and imitation of nature as said before. Here spontaneousness and vitality come first because children do not exercise yoga but live it.

What does yoga offer to children?

It’s a tool that helps the normal and complete growth of a person in body, emotions and thoughts:

  • Muscular growth
  • Relaxation
  • Self-confidence
  • Mind concentration
  • Mind control
  • Many many more….